Library Media Center


Hello! Welcome to the Quaker Farms Library Website. My name is Charlene Yacovelli, and I am the QFS LMS. My motivation for pursuing certification as a Library Media Specialist was to combine my areas of interest into one exciting career. I was a Network Analyst for 12 years before I taught Elementary Education as a classroom teacher for over 10 years. Working in the Media Center combines all my interests - - the love of technology, the love of books, and the love of teaching. I couldn't be happier as I fulfill this important role at QFS. My main role as a LMS is to be an essential link between the students, administrators, teachers, and parents as well as a link to the community.

Our Student Centered Library Media Program will work collaboratively with the community at large to help students become more information literate, and to cultivate their love of books and learning.